Wet Noses Dehydrated Dog Chews, Pet Training Treats – for All Pet Sizes, Breeds – All-Natural, 100% Human-Grade – Delicious Snacks for Dog & Puppy - Organic Dried Slices

Wet Noses

  • DELICIOUS DOG CHEW FLAVORS: All of our all-natural, organic dog chews feature a variety of delicious flavors. Choose from daily dog snack chews made with squash and sweet potato crafted as potato fries, rounds or slices.
  • HEALTHY DOG CHEWS WITH A SINGLE INGREDIENT: Fuel your puppy or senior dog with pet treats that are packed full of real, organic ingredients. Each dehydrated dog chew is free from grain, corn, soy or dairy.
  • SAVORY, DEHYDRATED PUPPY TREATS: Allow your furry friend to indulge in a taste he loves while you can feel good about feeding him dehydrated dog chews that are free from preservatives and great for dogs with food sensitivities. The nutritious dog chews are fueled with protein and fiber to give your pup the nutritious boost he needs each day.
  • 100% SOURCED AND MADE IN THE USA: Perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes, these savory dehydrated dog chews for dog training treats or daily puppy snacks are 100% human grade and 100% sourced and made in the USA.
  • ORGANIC DEHYDRATED DOG CHEWS: At Wet Noses, we believe that man’s best friend deserves only the best food. That’s why our organic dog treats, dog food toppers, dehydrated dog food and dog jerky is crafted with only the healthiest ingredients with flavors your canine companion will love.