TrueBlue Lemon & Marigold Super Easy Dog Ear Wipes – Pre-Moistened Puppy Pads for Ear Cleaning


Easy and Convenient Ear Wipes

Ear wax and dead tissue in ear canal can be irritating for your dog. TrueBlue Super Easy Ear Wipes offers a simple and mild solution for it. These are convenient pre-moistened wipes that help clean dirt and wax from ears.

TrueBlue Super Easy Ear WipesPre-moistened convenient wipes Makes it easier to clean wax and dirt Biodegradable wipes TrueBlue Super Easy Ear Wipes are portable too so that you can take them with your wherever your pet goes.

A Closer Look: TrueBlue Super Easy Ear Wipes contain a botanical blend of lemon that can clean away dirt and deposits and promote healthy blood vessels. Marigold can soothe delicate skin.

Made Specially for: Dogs of all ages