PolkaDog Chicken Littles Training Bits Dog Treats, Cat Snacks - All-Natural, Savory Pet Treat for Puppies, Kittens - Fresh Chicken Snack for Dogs, Cats - Bite-Sized, Crunchy - 8 oz


We’re fans of the simple life at polka dog: keep it authentic and uncomplicated and the rest will take care of itself. We approach our handmade treat creations the same way. Tiny in size but not in flavor, our 3 ingredient chicken Littles are perfect for the canine or feline that likes to keep it real. We use only the highest quality, all natural, us-raised chicken breast, then mix it with wholesome brown rice and a dash of potato Flour. Dehydrated daily at our downtown fish pier kitchen, These little bits are as healthy and straightforward as it gets.