Mars Stripping Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Specialty Double Usage


Stripping knife ground ergonomic handle This stripping knife is manufactured with a handle made from native cherry wood and rust free, tempered high-grade steel. The form of the handle is suited to the anatomy of a human hand and enables for a tireless work. The blade offers a crucial improvement. With conventionally produced blades, the teeth are shaped and then tempered, hereby some scale always forms in the gaps between the teeth and consequently the stripping knife is never 100% perfect, i.e. when the residues of scale always hinders the cutting and the gliding through the fur.

With our new way of production, the teeth are ground after being tempered and by doing that it is 100% clean! Resulting from that, this stripping knife has double uses. 1, To comb out loose hair, thus it is not cut. The stripping knife is drawn like a comb in the direction of growth through the fur. 2, To snip the topcoat, thus it is cut. As known, pinch the hair to be cut in portions with the thumb over the blade and pull away with a lighter turning motion from the dog. This stripping knife has been developed for professional usage.

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