Mars Professional Coat King Detangle Brush, 4-Blade


Detangler This further development is based on our proven Coat King Model. From experience in application on tight tangles, the demand for better suited tool for that purpose has been loud. After adequate attempts on our part, we have decided to manufacture a special Coat King. These two varieties (2 and 4 blades) are excellently suited for careful cutting up of a tangle. In this case, a very careful handling is strongly advised for safety reasons. In no way this Coat King can be used like the conventional one. 1, You localize the tangling, grab this with your hand and gently pull it tight. 2, Put on the detangler behind the tangle, but don’t touch the skin there 3, With a gentle pull of the detangler, create tension there. 4, Grasp and hold on the hair between the skin and the tangle with your free hand 5, Cut the tangle once or, if necessary, several times with the detangler.