Mars Double-Wide Coat King Stripping Comb for Dogs, 12-Blade


  • Use it to trim out the undercoat, trim out dead hair, unravel & demat the coat
  • Quickly and easily removes loose hair from dogs
  • Features stainless steel blades used to strip & comb out all of the dead hair.
  • The Double-Wide Mars Coat King - Made in Germany

  • The Mars Coat King Stripping Combs strip and detangle coats as well as break up thick areas of matted fur in one easy, efficient step. This premium quality stripping comb features double wide, stainless steel teeth and a durable wooden handle contoured for a comfortable grip during grooming.

    Other features include:

    • Full tang construction, meaning the set of twelve, stainless steel blades extends into the ergonomic wooden handle for added durability
    • Works in all different types of fur pet coats, regardless of breed, size, or age
    • Recommended by professional groomers who consider it an indispensable grooming tool

    The Double Wide Mars Coat King Stripping Comb is the perfect tool for easily and efficiently stripping large areas of thickly matted fur in a short amount of time. The stainless steel teeth easily remove loose, shedding hair from thick undercoats without painfully pulling or damaging your dog's sensitive skin. Unlike clipping which can leave dogs looking pitifully shorn, the Mars Coat King Stripping Comb only removes the dead hair from the coat which potentially cuts grooming time in half or quicker. The extra-coarse-sized Double Wide Mars Coat King Stripping Comb features twelve stainless steel blades and has the same spacing as the Original Mars Coat King 6 blade stripping comb.

    It is most effective when used on dog breeds that have thick, wired hair for preparing grooming jobs, and is mostly used for faster body work and larger breeds. List of breeds include:

      Sheepdogs, Newfoundland, Schnauzers, Wirehaired Pointer, Wirehaired Terrier, Dutch Shepherd, and similar coated dog breeds.

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