InClover Optagest Daily Digestive Immune Support for Dogs and Cats. Organic Prebiotic Natural Enzyme Powder for Healthy Stools and Less Gas. No Foreign Probiotics

In Clover

Optagest starts working immediately and is the only supplement to contain clinically tested levels of organic prebiotics plus four plant-based enzymes. This comprehensive formula goes to work right away, normally producing visible results in 1-3 days.

Optagest works with the body’s natural processes. It contains organic prebiotics which serve as food for a friendly gut. This targeted feeding promotes a healthy intestinal balance, allowing your pet’s unique, native bacterial strain to thrive. The enzymes help to break down food so that the animal may fully digest the nutrients and absorb them into the bloodstream. BONUS: Optagest also breaks down hair in the system - goodbye, hairballs!