HuggleHounds Plush Corduroy Durable Squeaky Knottie Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers


Knotties are the most durable plush dog toys made for dogs and puppies. Made with exclusive Tuffut Technology, a durable three-layer lining, they are soft and cuddly on the outside yet nearly indestructible. Natural tugging and chewing instincts are satisfied by the knots in limbs and multiple squeakers. Cushioning protection makes the toys easy to wash, and quick drying. Hugglehounds are also made with safety in mind. Toys have details embroidered on so that they’re not easily removed, and each toy is inspected before shipping to ensure the highest standards have been met. Knotties promote healthy exercise and mental stimulation which makes them a hit with owners and dogs of all sizes. The HuggleHounds product innovation, material technology and durability set them apart from all others. At HuggleHounds, we ❤ happy dogs!