Tiny Dog Breeds (up to 11 pounds)

List of Dog Breed Profiles

If good things come in small packages, then great things come in Tiny ones! The Tiny Dog Breeds category includes the Affenpinscher, the Toy Poodle, and always popular Yorkie. But make no mistake, their small stature in no way means they have a small personality.

AffenpinscherBrussels GriffonChihuahuaChinese Crested DogDachshund (Miniature)English Toy SpanielHavaneseJapanese ChinLowchenMalteseManchester Terrier (Toy)Miniature PinscherPapillonPekingesePomeranianPoodle (Toy)Silky TerrierTibetan SpanielToy Fox TerrierYorkshire Terrier