Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

List of Dog Breed Profiles

The Non-Sporting Group of Dogs is a kennel club dog breed Group designation. The definition of a Non-Sporting Breed varies among kennel clubs, and different kennel clubs may not include the same breeds in their Non-Sporting Group. Some kennel clubs do not use the Non-Sporting classification. Non-Sporting Group is not a term used by the international kennel club association, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, which more finely divides its breed groupings by dog type and breed history.

For the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club, the Non-Sporting Group is a diverse classification. Here are sturdy animals with as different personalities and appearances as the Chow Chow, and Keeshond. The breeds in the Non-Sporting Group are a varied collection in terms of size, coat, personality and overall appearance.

American Eskimo Dog MiniatureAmerican Eskimo Dog StandardAmerican Eskimo Dog ToyBichon FriseBoston TerrierBulldogChinese Shar-PeiChow ChowDalmatianFinnish SpitzFrench BulldogKeeshondLhasa ApsoLowchenPoodle MiniaturePoodle StandardSchipperkeShiba InuTibetan SpanielTibetan Terrier