Field Spaniel

Dog Breed Profile
Field Spaniel

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• High energy level
• High exercise needs
• Very playful
• Very Affectionate
• Friendly towards other dogs
• Very friendly around other pets
• Very friendly around strangers
• Difficult to train
• Great watchdogs
• Not very protective
• Moderate grooming requirements
• Medium tolerance to heat
• Medium tolerance to cold


This dog breed is not only useful but beautiful, with a proud walk and alert disposition. Even though the Field Spaniel has an independent nature, he loves to put himself right in the middle of family fun and makes a wonderful pet. Given regular exercise, the field spaniel is an affectionate and happy pet, who quickly warms up to people he doesn’t know.

He has a lot of stamina and his body is easily able to handle moving through dense ground terrain and even water. The Field Spaniel needs a job to keep him happy, even if it’s locating and bringing back a ball to his owner. He’s got a solid build, but his single coat, either wavy or flat and somewhat long makes him appear elegant and soft.

  • Best suited to being a part of the family as opposed to living outdoors
  • No health conditions that need to be tested for include hips and eyes
  • Grooming needs include a twice a week brushing or combing and regular trims as well as regular ear cleaning
  • The Field Spaniel is a very affectionate and friendly, loving animal thatcan be trained with love and patience
  • Has a great relationship with family members, young and old, not very protective but do make great watchdogs
  • The average size of a male is 35 to 50lbs and 18 inches tall
  • The average size of a female is 35 to 50lbs and 17 inches tall

Care & Health:

Take your Field Spaniel on a long daily walk or let him run in a safe enclosed area and he will be a gentle, calm house pet, perfect for children. He’s always happiest when he can spend time with his family freely, but they can live outdoors in temperate climates with proper shelter.

Be prepared to brush or comb him at least once, but preferably twice a week and take him for a proper trim every few months. Be sure to clean the ears regularly and be aware that this doggie may snore.

Major Health Concerns:


Minor Health Concerns:

–otitis externa, patellar luxation and occasionally SAS and PRA

Test for:

–hips and eyes

Life Span

– 12 to 14 years

Breed History:

Originally this breed was not separated from the English Cocker Spaniel, they were considered the same breed but a different size. In the late 1800s, the Field Spaniel was recognized as a separate breed, and unfortunate breeding made his bones too heavy and legs too short, no longer a useful hunting dog.

Nearly extinct, an attempt was made to revive the breed, and due to their success, the original field spaniel returned. They were shown in the US in the late 19th century, but once again they were almost extinct between 1916 and 1966. Despite his close calls with non-existence as a breed, the Field Spaniel was brought back somewhat in the 60s and while very rare, he still exists today.

  • Family history is gundog, spaniel
  • Originally from England
  • First bred in the 1800’s
  • Original purpose was bird flushing and retrieving
  • Today they are used for bird flushing and retrieving, spaniel field trials