Extra Large Dog Breeds (89 - 144 pounds plus)

List of Dog Breed Profiles

Bred to be even Larger than their ancient wolf cousins, Extra Large Dog Breeds are definitly a big part of any family. And while most of these Extra Large Dogs were bred for work or protection; many of the 20+ breeds are known for their wonderful disposition with children. These big (huge) dogs range from 89 to 144 pounds plus.

AkitaAnatolian ShepherdBernese Mountain DogBlack Russian TerrierBloodhoundBorzoiBriardBullmastiffGreat DaneGreat PyreneesGreater Swiss Mountain DogIrish WolfhoundKuvaszMastiffNeapolitan MastiffNewfoundlandOld English SheepdogOtterhoundRottweilerSaint BernardScottish DeerhoundTibetan Mastiff