Border Collie

Dog Breed Profile
Border Collie

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• High energy level
• High exercise needs
• Very playful
• Moderately Affectionate
• Friendly towards other dogs
• Shy around other pets
• Shy around strangers
• Very Intelligent, but hard to train/handle
• Great watchdogs
• Moderately protective
• Moderate grooming requirements
• Medium tolerance to heat and cold


The Border Collie is one of the most famous working dogs in history. With its ability to herd using a ‘look’, as opposed to nipping or barking, he was a popular choice once discovered and allowed to breed repeatedly.

With either a smooth or rough coat, this energetic little spitfire doesn’t tire easily, and needs regular exercise to keep his mind and body happy. He’s an intelligent dog breed, and eager to please. His playful nature can prompt him to chase other animals, but he is a loyal companion and is great with more mature children.

Graceful and full of never-ending stamina, this breed needs to be ensured a large amount of daily activity.

  • Best suited to dividing time between outside and inside the home
  • Testing should be done for ears and hips
  • Grooming needs include twice a week brushing or combing and more when shedding
  • Once trained has a great relationship with family members, young and old, and make great watchdogs
  • They can get along with other dogs but tend to be shy around other pets and strangers.
  • The average size of a male is 30 to 45lbs and 20 to 23 inches tall
  • The average size of a female is 30 to 45lbs and 18 to 21 inches tall

Care & Health:

Give this dog a job and he will be extremely happy. He’s not suited to an apartment and needs regular daily mental and physical exercise. This breed loves the outdoors but also needs time to socialize with its family every day. He should have easy access to a yard.

Grooming is fairly simple, simply brush or comb him twice a week, more when shedding.

Major Health Concerns:

–CHD (Canine Hip Displasia),

Minor Health Concerns:

– PRA(Progressive Retinal Atrophy), lens luxation, CEA(Collie Eye Anomaly), PDA (Patent ductusarteriosis), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), PPM(Persistent Pupillary Membranes) and occasionally cerebellar abiotrophy, ceroidlipofuscinosis and deafness

Test for:

–ears and hip

Life Span:

– 12 to 14 years

Breed History:

The first Border Collie to make a name for himself was Hemp, a dog who chose to herd without barking or nipping the sheep. He gained the reputation and distinction in 1873 at sheepdog trials meant to determine superiority of breeds, which subsequently allowed him to father a large number of puppies. Thanks to his job as sire, he is considered to be the Border Collie father, but it wasn’t until 1906 that the Border Collie was actually documented, and it wasn’t until 1915 that the name of the breed itself was recorded.

He was an instant hit in the US, and has since become one of the most popular breeds in competition. In 1995 the AKC finally recognized the breed.

  • Family history is herding
  • Originally from Great Britain
  • Origin in the 1800’s
  • Original purpose was sheep herding
  • Today they are used for herding trials, sheep herding, and obedience