Dog Breed Profile

Affenpinscher Dog Breed

• High energy level
Medium exercise needs
Very playful
Very Affectionate
Friendly towards other dogs
Friendly around other pets
Friendly around strangers
Easy to train
Great watchdogs
Not very protective
High grooming requirements
Medium tolerance to heat
Low tolerance to cold



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This mischievous and adventurous dog breed is known as ‘monkey terrier’, and for good reason. The Affenpinscher not only has a fun-loving and playful personality, he’s also known to climb. Throughout history he was a good vermin-catcher, and he’s very good with other family pets and dogs. He’s a busy dog, with his compact square-like build he’s not a dainty or delicate breed.

The Affenpinscher is a good choice for an apartment, and he does make a good family pet, but children especially need to be taught how to handle him. His facial hair and beard give him a comical look, which coincides with his personality and his entertaining temperament.

    Cannot be expected to live outdoors
    Health conditions that need to be tested for are his knees and heart
    Grooming needs include at least thrice weekly brushing and shaping every three months
    The Affenpinscher is a very affectionate and friendly, playful animal that is easy to train
    Has a great relationship with family members, young and old, not very protective but do make great watchdogs
    The average size of a male is 7 to 9lbs and 9 to 11.5 inches tall
    The average size of a female is 7 to 9lbs and 9 to 11.5 inches tall

    Care & Health:

    Take your Affenpinscher for a walk on a leash or play with him in the yard and you’ll satisfy his exercise needs nicely.Although he has a ball in the outdoors, he is not suited for living in a dog house. He’s a family pet.

    Shaping of pets only requires clipping, but if your dog is for showing you’ll need to have him stripped. Be sure to brush his coat at least three times a week and shaped every three months.

    Major Health Concerns:

    – none

    Minor Health Concerns:

    – patellar luxation, Legg – Perthes

    Test for:

    – knees and heart

    Life Span:

    – 12 to 14 years

    Breed History:

    The Affenpinscher is one the oldest toy dogs in history, dating back to the 1600s when they were a popular mouse-catcher and companion to ladies. His name is derived from monkey terrier, and he has earned the title. Even early on the 1700s he was known as ‘little devil with a moustache’.

    They were later bred with pugs, German pinschers and silky pinschers, and he was even the model for other toy breeds. He was originally the most popular in Germany, and although the AKC recognized his breed in 1936, he is still one of the more rare toy dogs in the world.

      Family history is terrier, pinscher
      Originally from Germany
      First bred in the 1600’s
      Original purpose was small vermin hunting, lapdog
      Today they are used for companion